Going on a Long Road Trip? Avoid a Speeding Ticket with These Easy Tips

Even the most careful drivers can find themselves going over the speed limit when they are on a long stretch of highway during a road trip. However, there are a few tips you can follow that will help you to avoid getting a speeding ticket when you are driving on the local highway or state turnpike.

Stay Within the Speed Limit

You’ll want to drive within five-to-10 miles per hour of the posted speed limit, as most policemen are watching for drivers who are driving way over the speed limit. While it doesn’t completely decrease your odds of being pulled over if you get hit with a radar gun, more than likely the officer will pass you over. This is because the higher you are clocked over the speed limit, the higher your ticket will be, so they will usually wait for a faster driver.

Stay Within the Flow of Traffic

When you are on the highway, you’ll usually be surrounded by other cars. If you drive within five-to-10 miles per hour of the vehicles around you, you’re less likely to procure speeding ticket fines. Even though the whole pack of cars is technically speeding, the police officer will have to pick the one that is going the fastest, which probably won’t be you. You’ll want to stay in the middle of the “pack” of cars. If you are leading the way, you’ll trip the radar if you drive past an officer, and if you are the last car, they will get behind you if they pull out, which you certainly don’t want. Stay safely in the middle of the pack at all times.

Stay Safely Behind Another Driver

At certain times on the highway, you will find yourself driving almost alone when there is less traffic. It may be even easier to speed when you are faced with the open road! If you aren’t able to stay within a pack of cars, wait for a solitary driver to pass you that is driving close to the speed you would like. Follow them safely and discreetly, around 50 to 10 yards back. When you pass a policeman who is waiting with their radar gun ready, that car will more than likely be pulled over first. Another reason this is a good plan is that you can watch for that driver hitting their brakes all of a sudden. If they do, you’ll get a heads up that there may be a cop up ahead so that you can slow down in time.

It’s much easier to avoid receiving a ticket in the first place then to end up fighting your speeding ticket in court in front of a judge. If you utilize the above tips, you will stay out of the officer’s radar as much as possible.