When visiting a Honda dealership, customers can ask about the latest digital technology that's available in most models. The signature HondaLink software offers access to several applications that enhance the driving experience. Additionally, Honda cars offer the Bluetooth-powered HandsFreeLink and Siri Eyes Free for easy syncing of smartphones on the road.

What is HondaLink?

HondaLink is a virtual suite that makes it easy to sync smartphones with Honda vehicles. This signature software includes several powerful applications that deliver everything from entertainment to guidance on the road. The HondaLink Next Generation provides seamless access to numerous portals including the App Launcher, which is specifically optimized to support third-party apps. The Connect App can be used to view the owner's manual of a specific model and browse other convenient utilities like the Maintenance Minder. The Aha App delivers audio content such as internet-based radio, online podcasts and even publications from social networks and social media channels. Available for a paid subscription, the Navigation App comes with an array of features such as turn-by-turn directions and the live HondaLink Traffic updates. Additionally, this app displays 3-D maps and unique points of interests on the infotainment systems that are installed in select Honda vehicles. When it comes to additional entertainment options, the HondaLink platform includes iHeartRadio, which can be used to stream music from specific radio stations beyond a driver's local area. Part of the HondaLink First Generation suite, the EV App can be used to remotely manage the Fit EV or Accord Plug-In. For example, this app monitors the charge level of each vehicle's electric powertrain as well as other important mechanical parameters.

Connecting Mobile Devices in Honda Cars

Powered by wireless Bluetooth, the HandsFreeLink technology makes it possible to sync smartphones and other mobile gadgets with the infotainment systems in Honda vehicles. A Honda dealership can provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up a given device with this wireless technology. The Voice Command System in the HandsFreeLink allows the driver to speak naturally in order to accept or reject phone calls while driving. The touch-screen infotainment systems will also display the call details in real time such as the full number and contact name. When browsing maps on a GPS navigation system, it's even possible to call any listed phone numbers via the HandsFreeLink. Another mobile-friendly technology in Honda cars is Siri Eyes Free, which only supports iPhones and other Apple devices. When this feature is activated, the touch screen of an iPhone is automatically turned off in order to minimize distractions. While keeping the hands on the steering wheel, the driver can ask Siri to carry out simple tasks such as send a text message, check emails and create reminders.